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domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2007

My Town

Here we have done a explain with my friend Tatiana Takforyan, about our town.

Name of the town: Buenos Aires

Population: 12.594.974
How to get there: by plane, bus, car or ship
Location: It limits with the provinces of Entre Rios, Santa Fe and Cordoba by the north, La Pampa by the west and Rio Negro by the southwest.

Tourist attractions:

Summer: damp and warm

Autumn: windy and cold

Spring: rainy and warm

Winter: very cold

Transportation: bus, plane, ship, metro, train, car, motorcycle, taxi, bicycle, etc.
Things to see/do: go to Tigre, San Telmo, The forests of Palermo, Pictures exhibition, Zoo, Museums, Theater, Shopping’s, etc.
Typical food: empanadas, locro, asado.

Sheraton Hotel
Hotel Gallego
Hotel Manantiales
Hotel Mónaco
Grand Boulevard Hotel
Plaza Francia Hotel
Abasto Plaza Hotel

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